Detox Programme

Detox is the first step on the road to recovery, and essentially means eliminating harmful toxins from the body which have been created from addiction to perilous substances.
The most successful drug and alcohol detox programmes are those that are done in a residential setting, the physical as well as the mental aspects of detox can be extremely difficult, therefore, a professional treatment facility is best able to conduct this. Typically, this comprises of two weeks Detoxification – in a specialist 24 hour/nurse staffed unit, with the necessary medical support and supervision available.
NOTE: Cuan Mhuire Newry DOES NOT provide a Detoxification Programme

Programme Includes

Group Therapy Meetings
Individual Counselling
Meditation and relaxation therapies
Audio-Visual presentations and lectures
Therapeutic duties to develop responsibility, foster coping skills and to encourage reaching out to others
AA, NA, and GA Meetings
Alternative Therapies
Personal Development Classes
Family Meetings to help family members to better understand addiction and how they can assist and support the person as he/she progresses on the road to recovery.