Cuan Mhuire is established as a charitable trust. It welcomes the support of our corporate partners as well as the business community and the public in general in helping us sustain and develop our services – as well as in maintaining our distinctive person-centred ethos.
How can you help
A Local Fundraising Event Is A Great Opportunity Not Only To Meet Up With Friends, But To Raise Much Needed Funds.

Events range from coffee mornings and cake sales to running marathons. Perhaps you have your own fantastic idea of an event that you could organise for Cuan Mhuire. If you are willing to organise any fundraising event, please contact us and we would be delighted to give you all the support, advice and back-up that we can. You may wish to sponsor an event, for example, a golf classic or ‘field day’ organised by Cuan Mhuire.
Corporate support is vital to the success of these events. Once involved, your company can benefit from publicity.

Alternatively, your staff may wish to take part in the event or the running of the event on the day.
We are happy to come and talk to groups of staff, no matter how large or small the group, to tell them about our work and motivate them to get involved or to contribute to the work of Cuan Mhuire. There is always something that you and your friends and colleagues can do. It is an excellent way to enhance the team spirit of your organisation, to raise staff morale and to improve staff communication.
Tax Benefits
There are a number of tax benefits associated with donations of €250 and over to registered charities including Cuan Mhuire (Charity Registration Number 20012724 CHY Number: CHY6648) PAYE & Self-Assessed

The tax relief scheme on charitable donations in Ireland was amended in 2013. This amendment now enables the charity to claim the tax back on donations of €250 or more from both PAYE and Self-Assessed Supporters at a new blended rate of 31%. Tax can be reclaimed for a period of four years.

Please download and complete the relevant Tax Relief Form to the Person in charge at the relevant Cuan Mhuire treatment centre.

Donations made in 2013 and after:
The CHY3 form is an Enduring Certificate which means you will only need to sign once and it lasts for five years, it can be downloaded here:

The CHY4 form is an Annual Certificate and can be downloaded at: Proceed
Volunteering is central to the provision of Cuan Mhuire’s services. Cuan Mhuire is, first and last, a special calling. There are may individuals who feel drawn to use their talent, time and enthusiasm by volunteering.

Opportunities for volunteering exist in all Cuan Mhuire centres and Transition Houses. Individuals, whether in employment or retired, are welcome to visit any of our centres to discuss how they can help.

Fundraising Volunteers Are Critical To The Success Of Cuan Mhuire, Whether Part Of The Overall Fundraising Team Or Organising Their Own Events.

We have need for help with the following:
  • People to assist with church gate collections in their local area.
  • People to assist with ticket sales in their local area
  • People to organise or assist in organising their own local events
  • People to get sponsorship for our Pools System
  • People who will assist us through work-based and corporate initiatives If you are interested in helping us in our work, please contact the person in charge of the Cuan Mhuire nearest to you or the Cuan Mhuire of your choice